What I Think About Veepeak OBDCheck BT12?

The Veepeak OBDCheck BT12 supports universal coverage for all American, European and Asian vehicles post-1996 in the US, those that have OBDII ports that is OBDCheck BT12 is specifically developed for home mechanics. Having a diagnostic code reader is very useful for mechanics, professional or otherwise, who need to read trouble codes. This is important because not every car problem can be fixed with a hammer. I am pleased that the BT12 is designed for home mechanics, and everyone in general who wants or needs to read engine codes.

About the author

About the author

Tim Miller, who comes from Denver, Colorado, is the Founder and Chief writer of Obdfocus.com and Obdadvisor.com. He has been working as an automotive mechanic and blogger for over 10 years writing articles to share his experiences and expertise. Cars are everything to him, which drive him to discover more and more. He is also the admin of the fan page facebook.com/autozikcom.

The Veepeak OBDCheck BT12 is a universally OBDII compatible, very simple diagnostic scan tool that anyone can use, regardless of their profession.  It is that easy.  Not only that, but the OBDCheck BT12 is also a battery tester, so it is a two for one deal in the same little package.  

With big, clear buttons and 4-inch LCD display, along with large, clear icons, I found the OBDCheck BT12 very easy to use. 

How To Use It In My Car?

As I’ve stated before, Veepeak is designed to be easy to use, for you, I or anyone else who purchases this tool.

Using it is simple. All I needed to do was plug the OBDII cable into the port under the car dashboard, and turn on the ignition to begin scanning. The Veepeak OBDCheck has no battery; it draws power from the vehicle, so it’s just plug and play.

I didn’t need to buy any software or download any apps to set it up, and neither do you, as the Veepeak comes from a factory ready to scan.

Code Readers and Battery Testers – What Do They Differ From?

The Veepeak OBDCheck BT12 is both a code scanner and battery tester.  Code scanning is reading the data stream from the vehicle and locating problems, while battery testing is connecting to the vehicle battery and determining whether it is operating correctly. 
To read codes, all I needed to do was plug it in under the dash.  However, to test a battery, the Veepeak comes with alligator clips that connect to the battery.  The Veepeak, however, can only test 12 volt systems. It can also read battery input rating, determine charge level and how many volts it produces while operating. 
Testing batteries with the Veepeak is quite simple. I attached the alligator clips, pressed the BAT button, and was able to test battery health, charge level and voltage output.  No power probe or complicated tool needed. 

Veepeak OBDCheck BT12- Detailed Review

What are the special functions of OBDCheck BT12?

When it comes to special functions, model specific functions or simply features that go above and beyond, the Veepeak OBDCheck is unfortunately lacking.  While it is universally OBDII compatible, it cannot read or reset non-OBDII systems.
That means it cannot read codes from the body control module, the ABS system, the airbags, tire pressure monitors, or reset the oil life indicator.  While this is unfortunate, one should remember that it is only an entry level code scanner.  It reads and erases only basic OBDII ones.
Not being able to read tire pressure monitor data or reset oil life is a problem.  Oil life reset can be done through the infotainment system in the car, but tire pressure data is important.  This is a mark on what is otherwise a good tool. 

What Does OBDCheck BT12 Offer You?

Apps & Usability
The OBDCheck BT12 does not need any special software or OBDII apps to operate, it comes ready to roll right from the box.  I did not need to install anything special or connect it to the internet, I just plugged it into the vehicle I was working on and got started. 
Veepeak OBDCheck BT12 also offers multilingual capability as well.  My mother tongue is English, but if you speak a different language, it will cover you.  The back and sides are also rubberized, perfect for greasy hands.  Additionally, the scanner is about the size of a small brick, good for handling while working.
Support & Updates
One of the best parts of the Veepeak OBDCheck BT12 is that you do not need to have software updates or apps to install; just plug and play.  However, I will say that this could become a problem in the future as cars become more complicated and feature more onboard systems that can generate trouble codes.  Still, I never had a problem when using it, so as I have said before, simplicity works well on this tool.
That being said, the software that is preloaded in the scanner makes it very easy to use; nothing complicated, just basic code reading and erasing functions along with data stream reading.
Vehicle Coverage
The Veepeak OBDCheck BT12 features universal coverage for all OBDII equipped vehicles, American, Asian, European, gas, diesel.  Universal coverage means that the scanner works with any vehicle with an OBDII port.  In America, that means any car made during or after 1996.  In Canada, that covers any car built after 1998.  In Europe, gasoline powered vehicles built during and after 2001, and diesel vehicles built during and after 2004, are compatible with this scan tool.
Coverage is basically universal, so you or I never have to worry about a car it will not be compatible with.  I have yet to find a car that this scanner will not work with, and I have used it on many automobiles already. 
Marketed Users
This scanner is marketed to anyone who reads codes from their car; it is sufficient for a professional technician, but it is also great for you or I, mechanics who are not masters but still need to read codes on cars at work or in our homes.
While the Veepeak does not have battery power or the ability to read non-OBD II codes, its simplicity and intuitiveness mean that I can use it for a long time without worrying about durability.  The same goes for its lack of updates; it might be frustrating sometimes, but overall simplicity works well here.
Advanced Features
While it is a very simple scanner, the Veepeak OBDCheck BT12 is not completely devoid of useful features.  It can read freeze frame data, view live data streams from the ECU, retrieve I/M readiness data and read VIN Data. 
Reading freeze frame data means that the scanner can take a screenshot of a live data stream and allow you to analyze the data in that shot.  Viewing live streams means you can watch the data from the ECU in real time.  I/M readiness data is data that lets you know if your car will pass an emissions test.
While I did not need to take advantage of these features, I appreciate that they are there.  It is better to have and not need them than to be left wanting. 

If I Could, What Would I Change?

The first is the ability to read non-OBDII codes such as airbag and ABS codes.  Professional expensive scanners can read them, and they are important codes to be able to read.

The second is the ability to work with hybrid and electric vehicles.  These are common cars now.  This scanner should be compatible. Overall this scanner is good, it just has some problems that mean it is better suited to casual use by home mechanics. 

What Others Ask about Veepeak OBDCheck BT12?

1. What systems can this tool read codes from?
The Veepeak OBDCheck BT12 can read any codes that come from the OBDII system.  However, it cannot read airbag, ABS or TPMS codes.
2. Is this a good scanner for a home mechanic?
For a casual home mechanic, this scanner works well.  It is compatible with any OBDII vehicle and is cheap at less than $60.  It is great for reading codes to find out what needs repairing.
3. Are there software updates I need to install?
Fortunately, the Veepeak will never require software updates, as it comes with all necessary software pre-installed.
4. Is the Veepeak durable?
The Veepeak is rubberized on the sides and back.  You don’t need to worry about damaging it, as the scanner is quite tough.
5. Can I use this to reset the steering angle?
No.  This scanner is strictly for reading and erasing check-engine codes; it cannot reset steering angle.
6. Will this work on European and Asian cars?
Yes.  The OBDCheck BT12 has universal OBDII compatibility and will work with any OBDII equipped automobile.
7. Is this scanner worth the money?
That depends on your needs.  If you are a professional and need this to reset certain sensors, among other things, then this scanner is not for you.  For casual home use, however, it is perfect. 

Final Thoughts – Simple and Cheap but hey, It’s Worth
As a budget scanner that goes in your glovebox, the Veepeak OBDCheck BT12 is fine.  It is compatible with any OBDII compliant car, and reads OBDII codes.  However, its inability to read codes from non-OBDII systems, such as airbags and the lack of a battery mean that this is best if you are not a professional mechanic.  Under those criteria, where it is stored in a glovebox and not used every day, it is great.