Veepeak OBDCheck V311A In-Depth Review​

Advanced Features
The Veepeak OBDCheck V311A can retrieve vehicle information on which support Mode $09 of the OBD2. It can retrieve information such as VIN (vehicle identification number, CID (calibration identity), and CVN (calibration verification number). 
As such, there aren’t any other advanced features in this scanner, particularly to a specific mode or manufacturer. The functionality is pretty much the same for all compatible ones. 
In addition to checking for engine fault codes, it also indicates I/M Readiness, which helps you pass the SMOG test. It checks the emissions systems to help you ensure your vehicle isn’t exceeding the emission caps placed in your state or municipality.

Software & Usability
This OBDII device doesn’t require software or an external battery. It has its own embedded system that runs the device and connects with your computer’s control unit. It’s just a plug-and-play tool that you pretty much just need to connect. 
It’s also incredibly user-friendly, thanks in part to the built-in DTC database. With a multilingual, intuitive interface, even a first-time user can figure it out. It’s similar to how you install applications on your computer by simply following instructions. 
The one-click reading of errors is not only convenient but also time-saving. The buttons on the device are clearly marked and make navigation easy. 
Support & Updates
As a scanner, it can read engine fault codes, check the battery voltage, and let you know the emissions status for SMOG check. It doesn’t support ABS, oil, or airbag lights. You cannot check those indicators with it. 
You can view real-time data about O2 readings, oil temperature, fuel trim, mass air flow readings, etc. Basically, anything related to the overall health of your engine is covered by the scanner. 
There isn’t any information about how to update the software on the scanner. However, you can connect it with a mobile app with the help of an OBD2 Bluetooth adapter, which Veepeak also sells.

Vehicle Coverage
The Veepeak OBDCheck V311A covers all the cars and trucks in the US produced after 1996. It may also work with gasoline ones manufactured in the UK and Europe in 2001 and diesel automobiles produced in 2004 or later. 

Some cars in other regions (like Canada or Australia) that support OBDII, EOBD, and JOBD. 
This device is not compatible with hybrid or electric cars. As a result, that limits its compatibility with modern inventory, as manufacturers are gradually moving towards electric cars. 
Marketed Users
This OBD2 device is essentially designed for your average drivers with not so extensive knowledge about the engine. It makes it easier for drivers to check on their own whenever the check engine light is on, or they simply want to be proactive with the condition of their engine. 
That said, it’s comprehensive enough to be used by a professional as well. It does check the engine thoroughly for fault codes and can even check the battery voltage.
Anyone with a basic knowledge of automobiles can use this scanner. Therefore, you don’t have to know the technical terms or error codes, as it simplifies all that for you. 
With that information, you can either fix the error yourself or take your car to the mechanic or dealership. 
Pros & Cons
● Compatible with a wide range of gasoline and diesel automobiles
● Makes it easy to understand fault codes with the DTC library
● Small and portable enough to keep in the glove compartment
● Intuitive software that’s friendly for beginners
● I/M readiness for SMOG Check
● Instant battery voltage reading
● Good value for money
● Not compatible with hybrid models
● Screen resolution isn’t great
● Doesn’t work diagnosing problems with ABS, airbags, and oil leaks

Final Thoughts
The Veepeak OBDCheck V311A is a decent scan tool for diagnosing engine problems that may be causing your check engine light to turn on. It can help you save money by helping you fix the issue yourself. 
If you’re able to resolve the issue, you can either manually turn off the light with the scanner or drive a little until the car itself turns it off. 
It’s good for at-home use but lacks some functionality that perhaps more advanced OBD2 tools have. Those are often used by professionals. Nevertheless, it’s helpful to have this kind of scanner in your automobile at all times.

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